Where are all the women? Où sont les femmes?

Une activité de style ‘unconference’ où on examinera le rôle des femmes dans la communauté WordPress. Nous cherchons à comprendre pourquoi les femmes sont plus de la moitié des blogueurs, mais seulement un quart des conférenciers aux WordCamps, et un pourcentage encore plus petit lorsqu’on parle de développeurs, de codeurs et de contributeurs. Nous cherchons aussi des façons d’augmenter d’autres formes de diversité dans la communauté WordPress. Cette activité n’est pas une conférence traditionnelle, mais une session remue-méninges de groupe. Vous n’aimez pas la situation? Voici votre chance de la changer. La participation de l’assistance est attendue. Toutes et tous (oui les hommes aussi!) sont les bienvenues. Cette activité sera bilingue.

Pour tout le monde.

À propos de Shannon

Cette activité n’est pas une conférence traditionnelle, mais une activité de groupe. L’activité sera animée par Shannon Smith.

Advanced Topics in WordPress Development

So you’ve been developing in WordPress for quite a while, or maybe you’re just getting used to the paradigms. WordPress packs a powerful punch, but just how far have you ventured into the codebase? Let Otto and Nacin explain and demonstrate some of their favorite concepts and tools available, including advanced querying on taxonomies and metadata, mucking with the filesystem and URL rewriting, caching using transients, and working with media and embeds.

This presentation targets for intermediate and advanced developers of plugins and themes. We’ll be introducing a number of our favorite advanced concepts, so developers new to WordPress are guaranteed to feel no more lost than anyone else. It might help if you have a short attention span, as it’ll be fast-paced.

About Nacin and Otto

Nacin and Otto are contributing developers to WordPress and Tech Ninjas at Matt Mullenweg’s Audrey Capital, where they work on and other fun projects. Between the two of them, they’ve contributed to nearly every aspect of the community, including support, documentation, and code contributions (don’t ask them to design anything), and are usually pretty good about fixing more things than they break. They’re both headstrong developers and agree on quite a bit, but bring some popcorn for when they don’t.

Otto lives in Memphis, Tennessee, the Birthplace of Rock and Roll, while Nacin lives among journalists and politicos in Washington, D.C. Their primary responsibilities at Audrey include locating the best BBQ joints and beer (Otto homebrews), so you can see why they love WordPress and open source.

Take Control of Your Templates with WordPress Conditionals

Ever wonder how to put a giant porcupine photo at the top of your homepage – but a happy hippo in the header everywhere else? Want to know how to display a list of favourite sites on your blog – but on static pages have a sidebar with Twitter and Facebook links instead? Need to put that brownie recipe at the bottom of every page except the FAQ? Using WordPress conditional tags you can easily do all that and tons more. Whether you’re just starting to learn how themes work or you already know the basics and are ready to take your themes to the next level, this session is for you. Understanding conditionals is a key building block in crafting WordPress sites – a powerful skill that will let you do all kinds of nifty things with your templates. Once you see how handy WordPress conditional tags are, you’ll wonder howyou ever managed without them!

About Kathryn

Kathryn Presner of Zoonini Web Services takes a holistic approach to web design and development, building unique sites that work well, look great, and are easily found in search-engine results by the target market. She is passionate about helping people avoid common website pitfalls and enjoys speaking to entrepreneurs on the topic. A moderator in the WordPress support forums, Kathryn has given talks on WordPress for beginners at events including Girl Geek Dinners and WordCamps in Toronto and Montreal.

WordPress Development Paradigms, Idiosyncracies and Other Big Words

For seasoned developers approaching WordPress customization or development for the first time the biggest challenge is often not learning the API and method calls: it’s grasping the idiosyncrasies of the WordPress framework. In this 45-minute presentation aimed at web coders who are interested indiving into WordPress customization and development, you will learn the key idioms that will accelerate your learning curve and help you approach the framework from a best practices perspective: template hierarchies, themes and child themes, taxonomies, filters and action hooks, execution order and other need-to-know concepts will be presented as well as tips on what the most active online developer communities are and the best places to go for quick (free) help and advice.

About Tom

Tom Auger is a designer, developer and educator who has himself recently made the shift to WordPress coder. Having found the process to be challenging, despite his decades of development experience, he is passionate about filling the gaps that The Codex and the multitude of online tutorials seems to be missing. Tom teaches in the Graphic Design and Web programs at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Toronto, Ontario, and is a Senior Partner at Zeitguys, inc, a downtown Toronto digital agency where he leads their WordPress development practice.

WordPress Hack Fest

WordPress is an open source project that relies on the help of volunteers. If you’re a developer, here’s your chance to work on core WP code alongside the people who make WP every day.

Let’s put Montreal and our WordCamp on the WP community map in style, by coming together to jointly work on WordPress Core tickets and submit as many patches as we can in a given time. New contributors are welcome, but anyone who comes *must* work on core patches for bugs. If you have not contributed to WordPress before, prepare yourself by reading up on contributing to WordPress and setting up a development environment before you arrive.

About Stephane

This is not a talk, it is a group activity, but Stephane Daury will be actively participating and giving guidance to any brave hackers who wish to join him. He’s a Montreal-based code wrangler at Automattic (, etc), proud dad, bmx/skate/snowboard rider, all with a side of land-locked surfer.

WordPress Happiness Bar

The Happiness Bar is not a presentation, it’s a part of the event where volunteer experts hang around and help attendees with any questions they have. Get your WordPress questions answered, one-on-one, by some of the best experts around. Tricky configuration question? Plugins issues? Wanting to bring WordPress in your enterprise but wondering if it’ll fit in? Whatever the question, our friendly volunteers will make sure you leave the chat with solutions. En anglais ou en français.

WordPress Experts: The Happiness Bar needs you! If you’re better at answering questions than asking please come to the bar and help out! You can sign up to be an official happiness barrista on the volunteering page.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog

Who doesn’t struggle with blogging. How to start? What to write about? How to keep it going? Why do we need a blog? Just thinking about a blog can be overwhelming. Hence the land of the Internet is littered with abandoned blogs. This session will cover how to get started with blogging, what to blog about, and how to incorporate organic search engine optimization to drive web traffic and generate leads for you.

Stop dreading blogging as if you were writing War and Peace. Instead, learn some simple tricks that will make blogging easier. And maybe even fun.

About Kelley

Kelley Lynn Kassa is an award-winning marketing and public relations professional. Her experience includes working with high technology/enterprise technology companies, non-profits, and consumer/entertainment brands. Kelley’s current roles include serving as director of marketing communications for High Start Group; writing case studies and white papers for business application and implementation providers; and ghost-writing analyst reports and blogs.

Measure Twice, Blog Once

How can you use analytics in better ways to track, report on, and act on the activity on your WordPress site? This presentation will help answer that question by going over the basics of the Google Analytics plugin as well as other low-cost/free analytics application that are available for Wordpres. We’ll also go through some basic analytics best practices and jump into actual examples of ways to use analytics to gain more insight into how users are getting to, and using, your WordPress site.

About Adam

I’m a self-declared “seasoned web veteran” with a rich web analytics background and extensive digital marketing experience and skills. I’m now the CEO at SwellPath, an analytics consulting and digital marketing agency based in Portland. I’m a WordPress fanatic, and have been a hardcore user since 2006. A developer in the early years of my career, I now code just enough to distract myself for hours with analytics and WordPress.

Custom Theme from Scratch Using a Theme Framework

Theme Frameworks come in all shapes and sizes ranging from complete WYSIWYG editors to blank starter templates. With over 50 theme frameworks out in the wild, you can imagine that there’s a theme framework out there that suits your needs. In this talk, you will learn the differences between some of the major theming frameworks as well as an introduction on how you can get started creating your own custom WordPress themes from scratch using WP Framework.

About Ptah

Ptah Dunbar is a core contributor for WordPress & BuddyPress and founder of Design by Craftsmen, a WordPress incubator and consultancy. Since 2006, Ptah has been involved in the WordPress eco-system creating themes and plugins, pioneering new development best practices and speaking at several WordCamps across the States. Ptah is best known for his work contributing in WordPress 3.0 as well as authoring WP Framework, a rapid theme development framework.

SEO & Social Media for Business with WordPress

WordPress can be used to generate higher rankings using search engine optimization (SEO) as well as promote interaction and engagement using social media. This session will introduce some of the key concepts, features, and plugins that companies should consider when using WordPress as part of their Internet marketing plans.

About Brian

With over a decade of experience, Brian Rotsztein is a recognized expert in the Internet marketing industry. Being the head of two web design and Internet marketing companies ( and provides him with the opportunity to strategize and consult with businesses to help them gain a competitive advantage. His unique approach helps companies increase sales and visibility while decreasing missed opportunities. He trains the trainers on Internet marketing, including SEO and social media. He holds two Master’s degrees and has taught university courses. He’s been a WordPress fan since he started using version 1.6 back in 2005.

The Future Is Mobile

A summary of all the ways you can get your WordPress site ready for the mobile Web. I’ll cover online services that create a mobile version of your site, special WordPress themes and plugins, regular-mobile ready WordPress themes, and more. I’ll talk about how to target specific devices, what to avoid and what’s best for SEO. I’ll also show you how to build a mobile-ready style sheet, with full code and a free business-card theme download.

About Shannon

Shannon Smith is the founder of Café Noir Design a boutique Montreal web design company specializing in bilingual web design. She supports web standards, semantic markup, microformats, open source products, and sustainable business practices. Shannon works with a number of PHP/MySQL content management systems to create clean, minimalist designs, that adhere to W3C standards. She holds graduate degrees in journalism and psychology. Also a foodie and mother of three. Find her on Twitter @cafenoirdesign.

Town Hall with Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg is the founder of WordPress and will be at WordCamp Montreal 2011 to answer questions from the community.  This will be interview format with questions from the crowd and from comments on this site.

Plugin Development Demystified

For many WordPress users, even seasoned PHP developers, creating new plugins for WordPress seems like a daunting task. After talking about specific best practices in plugin development last year, this presentation will take a step back to show attendees how simple creating plugins for WordPress from the ground up can be by looking at the architecture of a WordPress plugin, from the basic concepts of registering actions and filters to more advanced concepts such as the creation of admin pages and registering shortcodes.

About Yannick

A tech enthusiast working in the modeling and simulation software industry, I have been blogging since 2003, started using WordPress in 2004 and published my first plugin, Link Library, in March 2005. Since then, I released six other plugins, all hosted on the official site. I absolutely love using WordPress to develop web sites and find PHP to be a most liberating language compared to more traditional languages such as C/C++.

Multisite basics and Q&A with The Experts

Ron and Andrea, multisite gurus and core contributors to WordPress, will field questions relating to the multisite (previously “MU”) setting in WP, which allows you to run many sites with only one installation. They’ll start by answering the most common questions about MS, ranging from ‘Where do I even begin?” and “Do I really need it?” all the way to “How do I write a plugin for multisite?”. Once everyone is clear on the basics they’ll field any questions you have about setting up and using Multisite.

About Ron and Andrea

Ron & Andrea Rennick specialize in the network/multisite feature of WordPress, ranging from custom plugin development to commercial plugins and ebooks at Both are active in the core WordPress development and support communities and Ron has the rare honor of being a “core committer” to the WordPress project.

Beginner’s Guide to WordPress

This introductory session is geared for bloggers, web designers and programmers who are new to WordPress. Even those who don’t know a Codex from a Cadillac will feel comfortable here. Delving into WordPress from a beginner’s point of view, we use unintimidating plain language to explain the fundamental concepts of WordPress, from themes, to widgets, to plug-ins. We go spelunking in the admin panel and show real-world examples of what WordPress can do. Questions are welcome, and no query is too basic, so don’t be shy!

About Shannon and Kathryn

Both presenters of this talk are also doing other talks on their own on which you can read their full bios: Shannon Smith, Kathryn Presner

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